Übersetzung von “secure” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivesecure /sɪˈkyʊər/
reliable and not likely to fail
sûr/sûre , stable

a secure job
un emploi sûr/stable
safe and protected from danger or crime
sécurisé/-ée , protégé/-ée

a secure environment for children to play in
un environnement sécurisé pour que les enfants puissent y jouer

Is your computer secure?
Est-ce que ton ordinateur est protégé ?
confident and without any worries
sûr/sûre , sans inquiétude

She doesn't feel secure in this relationship.
Elle a des doutes quant à cette relation.

He felt secure in the knowledge that his daughter would be cared for.
Il avait la certitude que l'on s'occuperait de sa fille.


verb transitivesecure /sɪˈkyʊər/
to close, fasten, or lock sth to stop sth from getting past

He secured door with a padlock.
Il ferma la porte avec un cadenas.

soldiers trying to secure the country's borders
des soldats essayant de fermer les frontières du pays
to get sth and make sure you can keep it

They secured the rights to the book.
Ils ont obtenu les droits de ce livre.

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adjective /siˈkjuə/

(often with againstor from) safe; free from danger, loss etc

sûr; assuré
Is your house secure against burglary?
He went on holiday, secure in the knowledge that he had done well in the exam.

firm, fastened, or fixed

Is that door secure?

definite; not likely to be lost

ferme; sûr
She has had a secure offer of a job
He has a secure job.
securely adverb

solidement; sûrement
security noun

the state of being, or making safe, secure, free from danger etc

(de) sécurité
the security of a happy home
This alarm system will give the factory some security
There has to be tight security at a prison
(also adjective) the security forces
a security guard.
security risk

a person considered not safe to be given a job involving knowledge of secrets because he might give secret information to an enemy etc

personne pas sûre
He was considered a security risk because of his links to two extremists.



to fasten or make firm

He secured the boat with a rope.

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