Übersetzung von “series” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounseries /ˈsɪəriz/ ( plural series )
countable singular a number of things that happen in a particular order
série feminine , suite feminine

a series of accidents
une série d'accidents

a series of events that led to the war
une suite d'événements qui a conduit à la guerre
countable a set of TV or radio shows with characters and a story that connect them
série feminine

a comedy series
une série comique
countable in sports, a set of games played between the same two teams
championnat masculine

a three-game series against Toronto
un championnat de trois matches contre Toronto

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noun /ˈsiəriːz/ (plural series)

a number of usually similar things done, produced etc one after another

a series of brilliant scientific discoveries
Are you watching the television series on Britain’s castles?
a series of school textbooks.
serial /-riəl/ adjective

of or in a series

de/en série
serial numbers on banknotes.

(of a story etc) published or broadcast in parts.

en feuilleton
serial killer noun

a person who has murdered several people one after another.

meurtrier en série
serialize /-riə-/ verb ( serialise)

to publish or broadcast as a serial

publier/diffuser en feuilleton
The novel is going to be serialized on TV in the summer.
serialization noun ( serialisation)

publication/diffusion en feuilleton

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