Übersetzung von “settle” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbsettle /ˈsɛtl/
transitive-intransitive to end a disagreement

The law firm helped to settle the dispute.
Le cabinet d'avocats a aidé à régler le conflit.

Both sides in the case agreed to settle.
Les deux partis dans cette affaire se sont accordés à trouver un arrangement.
transitive-intransitive to sit or lie comfortably, or make sb sit or lie comfortably

She settled into her chair.
Elle s'installa dans le fauteuil.

We settled ourselves on the couch.
Nous nous sommes installés sur le divan.
intransitive to begin living in a city, country, etc.

The family settled in San Antonio.
La famille s'est installée à San Antonio.
intransitive to fall slowly onto a place and stay there
se (dé)poser

I threw the shell and watched it settle on the ocean bottom.
J'ai lancé le coquillage et je l'ai regardé se poser au fond de l'océan.
settle a score
to do sth in revenge for sth bad sb did to you
régler un compte

He had an old score to settle.
Il avait un vieux compte à régler.

settle down

verb phrasalsettle down [ ˈsɛtl ˈdaʊn ]
to become calm
se clamer

OK kids, settle down.
OK, les enfants, calmez-vous.

She tried to settle the horses down.
Elle essaya de calmer les chevaux.
to start having a calmer life by getting married, buying a house, having children, etc.
se ranger

At the age of 36 he's finally thinking of settling down.
A l'âge de 36 ans, il a finalement pensé à se ranger.

settle for

verb phrasalsettle for [ ˈsɛtl ˌfɔr ]
to accept less than you wanted
se contenter de

I wanted $200, but had to settle for $150.
Je voulais 200 $ mais j'ai dû me contenter de 150 $.

settle in/into

verb phrasalsettle in/into [ ˈsɛtl ˈɪn/ˈɪntu, ˈɪntə ]
to become happy and familiar with a new place, job, etc.

It'll take a few weeks to settle into the new routine.
Cela prendra quelques semaines pour s'adapter à cette nouvelle routine.

settle on

verb phrasalsettle on [ ˈsɛtl ˌɒn, ˌɔn ]
to choose sth after considering several options
se décider pour

We finally settled on the black puppy.
Nous nous sommes finalement décidés pour le chiot noir.

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verb /ˈsetl/

to place in a position of rest or comfort

I settled myself in the armchair.

to come to rest

se déposer (sur)
Dust had settled on the books.

to soothe

I gave him a pill to settle his nerves.

to go and live

Many Scots settled in New Zealand.

to reach a decision or agreement

décider, régler
Have you settled with the builders when they are to start work?
The dispute between management and employees is still not settled.

to pay (a bill)

I just need to settle the hotel bill.
settlement noun

an agreement

The two sides have at last reached a settlement.

a small community

a farming settlement.
settler noun

a person who settles in a country that is being newly populated

They were among the early settlers on the east coast of America.
settle down

to (cause to) become quiet, calm and peaceful

(se) calmer
He waited for the audience to settle down before he spoke
She settled the baby down at last.

to make oneself comfortable

s’installer (confortablement)
She settled (herself) down in the back of the car and went to sleep.

to begin to concentrate on something, eg work

se mettre (sérieusement) à
He settled down to (do) his schoolwork.
settle in

to become used to and comfortable in new surroundings.

settle on

to agree about or decide

se mettre d’accord sur
Have you settled on a holiday destination yet?
settle up

to pay (a bill)

He asked the waiter for the bill, and settled up.

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