Übersetzung von “shade” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounshade /ʃeɪd/
uncountable darkness produced by an object blocking the sun
ombre feminine

We sat in the shade of the oak tree.
Nous étions assis à l'ombre du chêne.
countable a particular form of a color
nuance feminine

a beautiful shade of blue/red/green etc.
une magnifique nuance de bleu/rouge/vert etc.
countable sth that blocks light
abat-jour masculine (inv)

a lamp shade
un abat-jour
countable a window blind
store masculine

Pull down the shades.
Baisse les stores.
countable a particular form or level
nuance feminine

different shades of opinion/meaning
différentes nuances d'opinion / de sens
uncountable the dark areas in a picture
ombre feminine

the artist's use of light and shade
l'utilisation par l'artiste de la lumière et de l'ombre
shades plural
informal sunglasses
lunettes feminine plural de soleil


verb transitiveshade /ʃeɪd/
to block a bright light
donner de l'ombre , protéger

an umbrella to shade us from the sun
un parasol pour nous protéger du soleil

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noun /ʃeid/

slight darkness caused by the blocking of some light

I prefer to sit in the shade rather than the sun.

the dark parts of a picture

the clever use of light and shade in the portrait.

something that screens or shelters from light or heat

pare-soleil; abat-jour, store, etc.
a shade for a light.

a variety of a colour; a slight difference

a pretty shade of green

a slight amount

The weather is a shade better today.
shaded adjective

(of parts of a picture) made darker

the shaded area of the diagram.
shades noun plural

(especially American) sunglasses

lunettes de soleil
He’s wearing a pair of shades.
shading noun

(in a picture etc) the marking that shows the darker parts.

shady adjective

sheltered or giving shelter from heat or light

a shady tree
a shady corner of the garden.


a shady business.
shadiness noun

put in the shade

to cause to seem unimportant

éclipser qqn
She is so beautiful that she puts her sister in the shade.



to make darker

You should shade the foreground of that drawing.

(with into) to change very gradually eg from one colour to another.

(se) fondre (en)

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