Übersetzung von “shadow” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableshadow /ˈʃædoʊ/
a dark area produced when light is behind an object

a cat chasing its shadow
un chat courantaprès son ombre

They hid in the shadows of the alley.
Ils se sont cachés dans les ombres de l'allée.
without/beyond a shadow of a doubt
with complete certainty
sans l'ombre d'un doute

The evidence proves her guilt beyond a shadow of a doubt.
Les preuves prouvent sa culpabilité sans l'ombre d'un doute.
in the shadow of
strongly influenced or limited by
dans l'ombre de

a child growing up in the shadow of racism
un enfant grandissant dans l'ombre du racisme

always in his older brother's shadow
toujours dans l'ombre de son grand frère

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noun /ˈʃӕdəu/

(a patch of) shade on the ground etc caused by an object blocking the light

We are in the shadow of that building.

(in plural with the) darkness or partial darkness caused by lack of (direct) light

The child was afraid that wild animals were lurking in the shadows at the corner of his bedroom.

a dark patch or area

You look tired – there are shadows under your eyes.

a very slight amount

ombre (de)
There’s not a shadow of doubt that he stole the money.
shadowy adjective

full of shadows

shadowy corners.

dark and indistinct

A shadowy figure went past.
shadowiness noun

caractère vague
worn to a shadow

made thin and weary through eg hard work

qui n’est plus que l’ombre de soi-même
She was worn to a shadow after months of nursing her sick husband.



to follow closely, especially as a detective, spy etc

filer qqn
We shadowed him for a week.

(Übersetzung von “shadow” aus dem PASSWORD English-French Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)