Übersetzung von “shame” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounshame /ʃeɪm/
uncountable a feeling of guilt and embarrassment
honte feminine

the shame she felt after lying to her parents
la honte qu'elle a ressentie après avoir menti à ses parents

The country watched in shame as its government failed to act.
Le pays assistait, honteux, au fait que son gouvernement manquait à ses engagements.
singular sth that makes you feel sad or angry
dommage masculine

It's a shame (that) he never went to college.
C'est dommage qu'il ne soit jamais allé à l'université.

It would be a shame to travel all that way without seeing them.
Ce serait dommage de faire tout ce trajet sans les voir.

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noun /ʃeim/

(often with at) an unpleasant feeling caused by awareness of guilt, fault, foolishness or failure

I was full of shame at my rudeness
He felt no shame at his behaviour.

dishonour or disgrace

The news that he had accepted bribes brought shame on his whole family.

(with a) a cause of disgrace or a matter for blame

It’s a shame to treat a child so cruelly.

(with a) a pity

What a shame that he didn’t get the job!
shameful adjective


shameful behaviour.
shamefully adverb

shamefulness noun

shameless adjective

without shame; blatant

a shameless liar
shameless deception.

not modest

a shameless woman.
shamelessly adverb

shamelessness noun

shamefaced adjective

showing shame or embarrassment

He was very shamefaced about his mistake.
put to shame

to make feel ashamed of something or to make seem to be of poor quality by showing greater excellence

faire honte à
Your beautiful drawing puts me/mine to shame.
to my/his etc shame

it is a cause of shame to me, him etc that

à (ma, etc.) grande honte
To my shame, my daughter always beats me at chess.



to cause to have a feeling of shame

faire honte à
His cowardice shamed his parents.

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