Übersetzung von “share” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbshare /ʃeər/
transitive-intransitive to have or use sth at the same time as sb else

The two devices share a signal.
Les deux appareils partagent un même signal.

I don't want to share my room with him.
Je ne veux pas partager ma chambre avec lui.
transitive-intransitive to let sb use or have what you have

We teach kids to share and play together.
Nous apprenons aux enfants à partager et à jouer ensemble.

He shared some of his lunch with us.
Il a partagé une partie de son déjeuner avec nous.
transitive to divide sth up between several people, groups, etc.

The $20 million in funding will be shared between/among the counties.
Les 20 millions de financement seront répartis entre les comtés.
transitive to feel the same way as sb
partager , avoir en commun

She shared her father's love of flying.
Ele partageait l'amour de son père pour les voyages en avion.

shared views on politics
des opinions partagées/communes sur la politique
transitive to tell others about an idea, problem, story, etc.

The group leader asked us to share our personal stories.
L'animateur du groupe nous a demandé de partager nos récits personnels.
transitive to divide work or responsibilities between people, groups, etc.
se partager , se répartir

Two employees share the accounting work.
Deux employés se sont réparti les travaux de comptabilité.

The local and state governments share the blame for this.
Les administrations locale et d'Etat se partagent la responsabilité de ceci.


nounshare /ʃɛər/
singular a part of sth larger that is divided between people
part feminine

He ate his share of the food.
Il a mangé sa part de la nourriture.

I'll do my share of the work.
Je ferai ma part de travail.

We all have to accept our share of the blame.
Nous devons tous accepté notre part de responsabilité.
countable a unit of value that a business is divided into
action feminine

I own a few shares in the company.
Je possède quelques actions de la société.
; see also stock 4.
sb's (fair) share of
the amount, or more than the amount, that you expect or deserve
(plus que) sa part de

My mother had her fair share of illnesses.
Ma mère a eu plus que sa part de maladies.

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noun /ʃeə/

one of the parts of something that is divided among several people etc

We all had a share of the cake
We each paid our share of the bill.

the part played by a person in something done etc by several people etc

I had no share in the decision.

a fixed sum of money invested in a business company by a shareholder.

stocks and shares.
shareholder noun

a person who owns shares in a business company

She’s a major shareholder in the company.
share and share alike

with everyone having an equal share

à chacun sa part
We divided the money between us, share and share alike.



to have, use etc (something that another person has or uses); to allow someone to use (something one has or owns)

The students share a sitting-room
The little boy hated sharing his toys.

(sometimes with in) to have a share of with someone else

He wouldn’t let her share the cost of the taxi.

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