Übersetzung von “shed” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive-intransitiveshed /ʃɛd/ ( shedding, pt pp shed )
(of an animal) to lose its skin or hair

as the snake sheds its skin
lorsque le serpent mue

The dog is constantly shedding.
Le chien n'arrête pas muer.
shed light on
to make easier to understand
jeter la lumière

The interview sheds new light on the reasons for the changes.
L'entretien jette la lumière sur les raisons des changements.
shed blood/blood is shed
liter to cause people to die or be injured
verser le sang / le sang coule

Too much blood has been shed.
Trop de sang a coulé / été versé.
shed tears
liter to cry or be sad
verser des larmes

I won't shed any tears if she leaves.
Je ne verserai pas de larmes si elle s'en va.


noun countableshed /ʃɛd/
a small building for storing tools or equipment
cabane feminine

The lawnmower is in the tool shed.
La tondeuse à gazon est dans la cabane à outils.

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noun /ʃed/

a usually small building for working in, or for storage

a wooden shed
a garden shed.


verb /ʃed/ (present participle shedding, past tense, past participle shed)

to send out (light etc)

The torch shed a bright light on the path ahead.

to cast off (clothing, skin, leaves etc)

Many trees shed their leaves in autumn.

to produce (tears, blood)

I don’t think many tears were shed when she left.
shed light on

to make clearer

This letter sheds light on the reasons for his departure.

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