Übersetzung von “shell” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounshell /ʃɛl/
countable-uncountable the outer covering of some soft animals
carapace feminine , coquille feminine , coquillage masculine

a crab/snail/oyster/clam shell
une carapace de crabe / coquille d'escargot/huître / de palourde

a shell necklace
un colliers de coquillages
countable-uncountable the hard covering of a nut or egg
nut: coque feminine , egg: coquille feminine

pieces of egg shell
des morceaux de coquille d'œuf
countable the hard covering around an explosive
cartouche feminine , obus masculine

shotgun/artillery shells
des cartouches de fusil de chasse / obus d'artillerie


verb transitiveshell /ʃɛl/
to attack a place with large guns

The army shelled the city for days.
L'armée a pilonné la ville pendant des jours.
to take the covering off a nut, seed, etc.

Shell the pumpkin seeds first.
Décortiquez d'abord les graines de citrouille.

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noun /ʃel/

the hard outer covering of a shellfish, egg, nut etc

coquille, coquillage, carapace
A tortoise can pull its head and legs under its shell.

an outer covering or framework

After the fire, all that was left was the burned-out shell of the building.

a metal case filled with explosives and fired from a gun etc

A shell exploded right beside him.
shellfish noun (plural shellfish)

any of several kinds of sea animal covered with a shell (eg oyster, crab).

coquillages; crustacés; fruits de mer
come out of one’s shell

to become more confident and less shy

sortir de sa coquille
As he got to know people, he began to come out of his shell.
shell out

to pay out (money)

I had to shell out twenty dollars.



to fire explosive shells at

The army shelled the enemy mercilessly.

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