Übersetzung von “shield” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableshield /ʃild/
an object held in front of you to protect yourself from attack
bouclier masculine

police officers with helmets and shields
des policiers avec des casques et des boucliers
sth that protects you
protection feminine , écran masculine

The legal system should be a shield against injustice.
Le système judiciaire devrait être une protection contre l'injustice.

Trees provided a shield against the hot sun.
Les arbres offraient un écran contre le soleil brûlant.


verb transitiveshield /ʃild/
to protect
protéger , couvrir

The president's aides shielded him from blame.
Les conseillers du président ont couvert sa responsabilité.

She was stabbed as she tried to shield her child.
Elle a été poignardée alors qu'elle tentait de protéger son enfant.

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noun /ʃiːld/

a broad piece of metal, wood etc carried as a protection against weapons

The police were issued with riot shields.

something or someone that protects

A thick steel plate acted as a heat shield.

a trophy shaped like a shield won in a sporting competition etc

My son has won the archery shield.



to protect

The goggles shielded the motorcyclist’s eyes from dust.

to prevent from being seen clearly

That group of trees shields the house from the road.

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