Übersetzung von “shine” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbshine /ʃaɪn/ ( pt pp shone or shined )
intransitive to produce light

the hours when the sun is shining
les heures où le soleil brille

a light shining from under the door
une lumière éclairant par dessous la porte
transitive to make light shine in a particular direction

Shine the flashlight over there.
Eclaire / braque ta torche par ici.
intransitive to reflect light

Her necklace shone under the bright lights.
Son collier brillait sous les lumières vives.
intransitive (of eyes or a face) to show great happiness or excitement
briller , rayonner

The bride's face shone with joy.
Le visage de la mariée rayonnait de joie.
intransitive to show your skills

The talent show gives each child a chance to shine.
Le concours de talents donne à chaque enfant une chance de briller.

shine through

verb phrasalshine through [ ˈʃaɪn ˈθru ]
to become obvious
être révélé/-ée

The boxer's skills shone through in the match.
Le talent du boxeur a été révélé au cours de ce match.


nounshine /ʃaɪn/singular
the ability to reflect light
brillant masculine , lustre masculine

an old table polished to a beautiful shine
une table ancienne cirée jusqu'à obtenir un superbe lustre

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verb /ʃain/ (past tense, past participle shone /ʃon, (American) ʃoun/)

to (cause to) give out light; to direct such light towards someone or something

briller; éclairer
The light shone from the window
The policeman shone his torch
He shone a torch on the body.

to be bright

She polished the silver till it shone.

(past tense, past participle shined) to polish

He tries to make a living by shining shoes.

(often with at) to be very good (at something)

He shines at games
You really shone in yesterday’s match.
shining adjective

very bright and clear; producing or reflecting light; polished

a shining star
The windows were clean and shining.
shiny adjective

glossy; reflecting light; polished

a shiny cover on a book
a shiny nose
shiny shoes.
shininess noun

aspect brillant



an act of polishing

I’ll just give my shoes a shine.

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