Übersetzung von “shoe” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableshoe /ʃu/
sth you wear on your foot
chaussure feminine

a pair of brown leather shoes
une paire de chaussures de cuir marron

He took off his left shoe.
Il enleva sa chaussure gauche.

running shoes
chausures de course
; see also boot 1., sandal, sneaker
in sb's shoes
in the same situation as another person
à la place de qqn

If I were in your shoes, I'd take the money.
Si j'étais à ta place, je prendrais l'argent.

Put yourself in my shoes.
Mets-toi à ma place.

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noun /ʃuː/

an outer covering for the foot

a new pair of shoes.

(also horseshoe) a curved piece of iron nailed to the hoof of a horse.

fer à cheval
shod /ʃod/ adjective

with a shoe or shoes on.

chaussé; ferré
shoelace noun (American shoestring )

a kind of string or cord for fastening a shoe

She is doing up her shoelaces.
shoemaker noun

a person who makes, repairs, or sells shoes.

on a shoestring

with or using very little money

à peu de frais
He has to live on a shoestring.

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