Übersetzung von “shoot” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbshoot /ʃut/ ( pt pp shot )
transitive-intransitive to use a gun or other weapon

He pulled out a rifle and started shooting.
Il sortit une carabine et se mit à tirer

They were shooting at targets.
Ils tiraient sur des cibles.

The police were shooting rubber bullets.
Les policiers ont tiré des balles de caoutchouc.
transitive to kill or injure with a gun
abattre , atteindre

He shot a woman in the leg.
Il a atteint une femme d'une balle à la jambe.

The police shot him dead.
Les policiers l'ont abattu.
intransitive to move very quickly
passer comme une flèche

The dog shot past us, howling.
Le chien nous a dépassés comme une flèche, en hurlant.

The pain shot through my chest.
La douleur lui a transpercé la poitrine.
transitive-intransitive to film or photograph
tourner , prendre (en photo)

They're shooting the movie in our town.
Il tournent le film dans notre ville.

He shot some beautiful pictures.
Il a pris quelques superbes photos.
transitive to look at in a way that shows an emotion
lancer un regard

He shot her a look of hatred.
Il lui lança un regard de haine.
transitive-intransitive to try to get a ball, puck, etc. into the goal

The crowd was screaming, "Shoot!"
La foule criait "Tire !".

kids shooting baskets
des gosses titant au panier
shoot yourself in the foot
to do sth that damages your ability to succeed
se tirer une balle dans le pied

Hiring inexperienced workers is just shooting yourself in the foot.
Embaucher des ouvriers inexpérimentés revient à se tirer une balle dans le pied.

shoot down

verb phrasalshoot down [ ˈʃut ˈdaʊn ]
to cause an aircraft to crash using a gun

They shot down the helicopter with a rocket.
Ils ont abattu l'hélicoptère avec une roquette.
to criticize sb's idea and stop it from being used

I suggested doing that, but the boss shot it down.
J'ai suggéré de faire cela mais le patron a descendu l'idée.

shoot for

verb phrasalshoot for [ ˈʃut ˌfɔr ] informal
to try to achieve
se fixer comme objectif

Let's shoot for making 400 calls today.
Fixons-nous comme objectif de faire 400 appels aujourd'hui.

shoot up

verb phrasalshoot up [ ˈʃut ˈʌp ] informal
to increase quickly
monter en flèche

The price of oil shot up again today.
Le prix du pétrole est à nouveau monté en flèche aujourd'hui.
to damage by firing bullets
tirer sur

They shot up the gas station.
Ils ont tiré sur la station-service.
to inject an illegal drug
se shooter

a guy shooting up in the doorway
un mec se shootant dans l'entrée


noun countableshoot /ʃut/
a new stem growing on a plant
pousse feminine

the first green shoots coming through the soil
les premières jeunes pousses sortant du sol
an occasion when photographs are taken for an advertisement, magazine, etc.
séance feminine (de photos)

a fashion photo shoot
une séance de photos de mode


interjectionshoot /ʃut/ informal
indicates frustration or anger

Shoot, I don't have my keys.
Zut, je n'ai pas mes clés.

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verb /ʃuːt/ (past tense, past participle shot /ʃot/)

(often with at) to send or fire (bullets, arrows etc) from a gun, bow etc

The enemy were shooting at us
He shot an arrow through the air.

to hit or kill with a bullet, arrow etc

tirer; fusiller
He went out to shoot pigeons
He was sentenced to be shot at dawn.

to direct swiftly and suddenly

She shot them an angry glance.

to move swiftly

(s’)élancer; projeter
He shot out of the room
The pain shot up his leg
The force of the explosion shot him across the room.

to take (usually moving) photographs (for a film)

That film was shot in Spain
We will start shooting next week.

to kick or hit at a goal in order to try to score

He shot from just outside the penalty box.

to kill (game birds etc) for sport.

shoot down

to hit (a plane) with eg a shell and cause it to crash

They shot down one of the enemy planes.
shoot rapids

to pass through rapids (in a canoe).

franchir des rapides
shoot up

to grow or increase rapidly

monter en flèche
Prices have shot up.

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