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noun countableshot /ʃɒt/
when a gun is fired
coup masculine de feu

Shots were heard in the distance.
On entendait des coups de feu au loin.
when sb kicks, hits, throws a ball, etc. in a sport
tir masculine

He might take a shot at the goal.
Il pourrait tirer au but.
when sb takes a photograph, or the view through a camera
photo(graphie) feminine , plan masculine

a gorgeous shot of the town from the hill
un superbe plan de la ville vue de la colline

Can you get a shot of her from this far back?
Peux-tu la prendre en photo d'aussi loin ?
informal an attempt
essai masculine
take/have a shot

I'd like to take a shot at learning another language.
J'aimerais essayer d'apprendre une autre langue.
give sth a shot
to try sth
tenter le coup

Sure, I'll give it a shot.
Bien sûr, je vais tenter le coup.
a measure of alcohol
goutte masculine

a shot of brandy
une goutte de cognac
an injection of a vaccine or medicine
piqûre feminine , vaccin masculine

a shot of painkiller
un piqûre de calmant

travelers who haven't had their shots
des voyageurs qui n'avaient pas eu leurs vaccins
like a shot
immediately, without hesitation
sans hésiter

She accepted his invitation like a shot.
Elle a accepté son invitation sans hésiter.


shot /ʃɒt/ pt pp
see shoot

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noun /ʃot/

a single act of shooting

He fired one shot.

the sound of a gun being fired

coup (de feu)
He heard a shot.

a throw, hit, turn etc in a game or competition

It’s your shot
Can I have a shot?
He played some good shots in that tennis match
Good shot!

an attempt

I don’t know if I can do that, but I’ll have a shot (at it).

something which is shot or fired, especially small lead bullets used in cartridges

lead shot.

a photograph, especially a scene in a film

photo; prise de vue
a close-up shot.

an injection

The doctor gave me a shot.

a marksman

bon tireur, bonne tireuse
He’s a good shot.
shotgun noun

a type of rifle that fires shot

fusil de chasse
a double-barrelled shotgun.
like a shot

very quickly; eagerly

sans hésiter
He accepted my invitation like a shot.
a shot in the dark

a guess based on little or no information

chose dite/faite à tout hasard
The detective admitted that his decision to check the factory had just been a shot in the dark.

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