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verb /ʃud/ (negative short form shouldn’t /ˈʃudnt/)

past tense of shall

-rais, -rait, -rions, …
I thought I should never see you again.

used to state that something ought to happen, be done etc

You should hold your knife in your right hand
You shouldn’t have said that.

used to state that something is likely to happen etc

arriver probablement
If you leave now, you should arrive there by six o’clock.

used after certain expressions of sorrow, surprise etc

ne pas en revenir que…
I’m surprised you should think that.

used after if to state a condition

If anything should happen to me, I want you to remember everything I have told you today.

(with Ior we) used to state that a person wishes something was possible

si seulement…
I should love to go to France (if only I had enough money).

used to refer to an event etc which is rather surprising

et voilà que…
I was just about to get on the bus when who should come along but John, the very person I was going to visit.

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