Übersetzung von “show” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbshow /ʃoʊ/ ( pt showed pp shown )
transitive to allow sb to see sth

They showed reporters pictures of new building.
Ils ont montré aux journalistes des photos du nouvel immeuble.

If you don't show this letter to her, I will.
Si tu ne lui montre pas cette lettre, je le ferai.
transitive =demonstrate; to explain how to do sth
montrer , expliquer

Here, let me show you how to turn it on.
Là, laisse-moi te montrer / t'expliquer comment le mettre en route.
transitive =demonstrate; to give evidence that sth is true
montrer , indiquer , démontrer

The poll shows most people want new leadership.
Le sondage indique que la plupart des gens veulent de nouveaux dirigeants.

We will show that this problem can be solved.
Nous allons démontrer que ce problème peut être résolu.
transitive to behave in a way that makes your feelings or opinions obvious
montrer , manifester

He didn't show any emotion at the funeral.
Il n'a manifesté aucune émotion aux funérailles.
transitive-intransitive to be or make easy to see
faire/se voir , rendre/être visible

Use white thread so the stitches won't show.
Utilisez du fil blanc afin que les points ne se voient pas.

The bright light showed the tired lines on her face.
La lumière vive rendait visibles les traces de fatigue sur son visage.
transitive to display or illustrate
montrer , indiquer

a plan of the park showing the location of the gardens
un plan du parc indiquant l'emplacement des jardins

a map that shows how to get there
une carte qui indique comment s'y rendre
transitive-intransitive to project a movie, or be projected
passer , sortir

The movie will be showing next month.
Le film sortira le mois prochain.

They're showing all the Woody Allen movies.
Ils passent tous les films de Woody Allen.
transitive to lead sb to or around a place
conduire , faire visiter

Let me show you to the door.
Laissez-moi vous reconduire à l'entrée.

She showed them around the apartment.
Elle leur a fait visiter l'appartement.

show off

verb phrasalshow off [ ˈʃoʊ ˈɔf, ˈɒf ]
to display skills or achievements too proudly

Look at her showing off in her fancy new car.
Regardez-la frimer dans sa nouvelle voiture de luxe.
; see also showoff
to display sth you are proud of
faire étalage de , faire admirer

an opportunity for students to show off their artwork
une occasion pour les étudiants de faire admirer leurs œuvres d'art

show up

verb phrasalshow up [ ˈʃoʊ ˈʌp ]
to arrive somewhere where people expect you
se montrer

Do you think he'll show up?
Pensez-vous qu'il va se montrer ?


nounshow /ʃoʊ/
countable a TV or radio program
émission feminine

my favorite TV show
mon émission de télé préférée

the editor of today's show
le réalisateur de l'émission d'aujourd'hui
countable a performance, especially involving music and acting
spectacle masculine

a part in the school show
un rôle dans le spectacle de l'école

a West End show
un spectacle du West End
countable a display of similar things
présentation feminine , exposition feminine

a flower/fashion show
une exposition de fleurs / une présentation de collections de mode
singular a display of feelings or intentions
manifestation feminine , démonstration feminine

a show of emotion
une manifestation d'émotion

a show of strength
une démonstration de force

a show of solidarity
une manifestation de solidarité
for show
intended for people to look at, not to use

Do these work, or are they just for show?
Est-ce que ceux-ci fonctionnent ou sont-ils juste des modèles d'exposition.

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verb /ʃəu/ (past tense showed, past participles showed shown)

to allow or cause to be seen

Show me your new dress
Please show your membership card when you come to the club
His work is showing signs of improvement.

to be able to be seen

se voir
The tear in your dress hardly shows
a faint light showing through the curtains.

to offer or display, or to be offered or displayed, for the public to look at

jouer; passer; exposer
Which picture is showing at the cinema?
They are showing a new film
His paintings are being shown at the art gallery.

to point out or point to

He showed me the road to take
Show me the man you saw yesterday.

(often with (a)round) to guide or conduct

conduire qqn
Please show this lady to the door
They showed him (a)round (the factory).

to demonstrate to

Will you show me how to do it?
He showed me a clever trick.

to prove

That just shows / goes to show how stupid he is.

to give or offer (someone) kindness etc

He showed him no mercy.
showy adjective

giving an impression of value by a bright and striking outward appearance

His clothes are too showy for my liking.
showiness noun

caractère voyant
show-business noun

the entertainment industry, especially the branch of the theatre concerned with variety shows, comedy etc.

industrie du spectacle
showcase noun

a glass case for displaying objects in a museum, shop etc.

showdown noun

an open, decisive quarrel etc ending a period of rivalry etc.

épreuve de force
showground noun

an area where displays etc are held.

champ de foire
show-jumping noun

a competitive sport in which horses and their riders have to jump a series of artificial fences, walls etc.

concours hippique
showman noun

a person who owns or manages an entertainment, a stall at a fair etc.

showroom noun

a room where objects for sale etc are displayed for people to see

salle d’exposition
a car showroom.
give the show away

to make known a secret, trick etc.

vendre la mèche
good show!

that’s good!

on show

being displayed in an exhibition, showroom etc

There are over five hundred paintings on show here.
show off

to show or display for admiration

en mettre plein la vue
He showed off his new car by taking it to work.

to try to impress others with one’s possessions, ability etc

étalage de qqch.; prétentieux/-euse
She is just showing off – she wants everyone to know how well she speaks French (noun show-off a person who does this).
show up

to make obvious

faire ressortir
This light shows up the places where I’ve mended this coat.

to reveal the faults of

faire honte à
Mary was so neat that she really showed me up.

to stand out clearly

se voir (nettement)
The scratches showed up on the photograph.

to appear or arrive

venir, arriver
I waited for her, but she never showed up.



a display or act of showing

a show of strength.

an act of pretending to be, do etc (something)

semblant/mine (de)
He made a show of working, but he wasn’t really concentrating.

appearance, impression

pour l’effet
They just did it for show, in order to make themselves seem more important than they are.

an effort or attempt

(faire) bonne figure
He put up a good show in the chess competition.

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