Übersetzung von “shut” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitive-intransitiveshut /ʃʌt/ ( shutting pt pp shut )
to close or become closed
(se) fermer

Shut the door/window please.
Ferme la porte/fenêtre, s'il te plaît.

as my eyes began to shut
alors que mes yeux commençaient à se fermer
Brit (of a store) to close at the end of the day

What time do you shut?
A quelle heure fermez-vous ?

shut away

verb phrasalshut away [ ˈʃʌt əˈweɪ ]
to put sb or sth in a place where they are not seen

He would shut himself away in his room for hours.
Il avait l'habitude de s'enfermer dans sa chambre pendant des heures.

shut down

verb phrasalshut down [ ˈʃʌt ˈdaʊn ]
(of a business, school, etc.) to close or stop doing business

threats to close down failing schools
des menaces de fermer les écoles en baisse d'effectifs

Several factories in the area have shut down.
Plusieurs usines de la région ont fermé.

shut in

verb phrasalshut in [ ˈʃʌt ˈɪn ]
to put a person or animal in a place they cannot get out of

Shut the dog in the bathroom.
Enferme le chien dans la salle de bain.

shut off

verb phrasalshut off [ ˈʃʌt ˈɔf, ˈɒf ]
(of a machine or device) to stop working or make stop working
(s')arrêter , (se) couper

The generator will shut off automatically.
Le groupe électrogène s'arrêtera automatiquement.

Shut off the air conditioning.
Coupe le climatiseur.
to stop a supply from flowing

They've shut off the water supply to the whole street.
Ils ont coupé l'alimentation en eau de toute la rue.

shut out

verb phrasalshut out [ ˈʃʌt ˈaʊt ]
to prevent from entering a place
empêcher d'entrer

They pulled up the drawbridge to shut out invaders.
Ils ont remonté le pont-levis pour empêcher les envahisseurs d'entrer.
to prevent from being included or involved

Why are you shutting me out?
Pourquoi m'excluez-vous ?

shut up

verb phrasalshut up [ ˈʃʌt ˈʌp ] impolite
to stop talking or making noise, or make sb stop
se taire , faire taire

Just shut up for a minute!
Tais-toi donc un instant !

She told them the news to shut them all up.
Elle leur a appris les nouvelles pour les faire taire.


adjectiveshut /ʃʌt/
≠open; closed

Are all the windows shut?
Est-ce que toutes les fenêtres sont fermées ?
Brit not open for business

All the stores were shut.
Tous les magasins étaient fermés.

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verb /ʃat/ (present participle shutting, past tense, past participle shut)

to move (a door, window, lid etc) so that it covers or fills an opening; to move (a drawer, book etc) so that it is no longer open

Shut that door, please!
Shut your eyes and don’t look.

to become closed

se fermer
The window shut with a bang.

to close and usually lock (a building etc) eg at the end of the day or when people no longer work there

The shops all shut at half past five
There’s a rumour that the factory is going to be shut.

to keep in or out of some place or keep away from someone by shutting something

enfermer, mettre dehors
The dog was shut inside the house.
shut down (shut-down)

fermer (ses portes); fermeture
shut off

to stop an engine working, a liquid flowing etc

fermer, couper
I’ll need to shut the gas off before I repair the fire.

to keep away (from); to make separate (from)

se couper de
He shut himself off from the rest of the world.
shut up

to (cause to) stop speaking

(faire) taire
Tell them to shut up!
That’ll shut him up!

to close and lock

It’s time to shut up the shop.

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