Die Übersetzung von "shut" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /ʃat/ (present participle shutting, past tense, past participle shut)

to move (a door, window, lid etc) so that it covers or fills an opening; to move (a drawer, book etc) so that it is no longer open

Shut that door, please!
Shut your eyes and don’t look.

to become closed

se fermer
The window shut with a bang.

to close and usually lock (a building etc) eg at the end of the day or when people no longer work there

The shops all shut at half past five
There’s a rumour that the factory is going to be shut.

to keep in or out of some place or keep away from someone by shutting something

enfermer, mettre dehors
The dog was shut inside the house.
shut down (shut-down)

fermer (ses portes); fermeture
shut off

to stop an engine working, a liquid flowing etc

fermer, couper
I’ll need to shut the gas off before I repair the fire.

to keep away (from); to make separate (from)

se couper de
He shut himself off from the rest of the world.
shut up

to (cause to) stop speaking

(faire) taire
Tell them to shut up!
That’ll shut him up!

to close and lock

It’s time to shut up the shop.

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