Übersetzung von “shy” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectiveshy /ʃaɪ/
=timid; ≠outgoing; afraid of talking to people

a shy boy with few friends
un garçon timide qui a peu d'amis

a shy smile
un sourire timide

too shy to ask for help
trop intimidé pour demander de l'aide


noun uncountableshyness /ˈʃaɪnɪs/
timidité feminine

Children often grow out of their shyness.
Les enfants se défont souvent de leur timidité en grandissant.


adverbshyly /ˈʃaɪli/

"Can I sit with you?" she asked shyly.
"Puis-je m'asseoir avec toi ?" demanda-t-elle timidement.


verb intransitiveshy /ʃaɪ/ ( shies, shied )
(of a horse) to move away in fear
faire un écart

The horse shied as the car drove past.
Le cheval a fait un écart lorsque la voiture l'a dépassé.

shy away

verb phrasalshy away [ ˈʃaɪ əˈweɪ ]
to avoid
répugner à

I shy away from public speaking.
Je répugne à parler en public.

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adjective /ʃai/ (comparative shyer, or shier, superlative shyest, or shiest)

lacking confidence in the presence of others, especially strangers; not wanting to attract attention

She is too shy to go to parties.

drawing back from (an action, person etc)

mal à l’aise (avec, devant)
She is shy of strangers.

(of a wild animal) easily frightened; timid

Deer are very shy animals.
shyly adverb

shyness noun


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