Die Übersetzung von "sick" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


adjective /sik/

vomiting or inclined to vomit

qui a mal au cœur
He has been sick several times today
I feel sick
She’s inclined to be seasick/airsick/car-sick.

(especially American) ill

He is a sick man
The doctor told me that my husband is very sick and may not live very long.

very tired (of); wishing to have no more (of)

qui en a assez (de)
I’m sick of doing this
I’m sick and tired of hearing about it!

affected by strong, unhappy or unpleasant feelings

écœuré par
I was really sick at making that bad mistake.

in bad taste

a sick joke.
sicken verb

to become sick

tomber malade
I think she’s sickening for something.

to disgust

The very thought sickens me.
sickening adjective

causing sickness, disgust or weariness; very unpleasant or annoying

There was a sickening crunch
The weather is really sickening!
sickeningly adverb

d’une manière écœrante
sickly adjective

tending to be often ill

a sickly child.

suggesting sickness; pale; feeble

She looks sickly.
sickness noun

the state of being sick or ill

There seems to be a lot of sickness in the town
sick-leave noun

time taken off from work etc because of sickness

congé de maladie
He has been on sick-leave for the last three days.
make (someone) sick

to make (someone) feel very annoyed, upset etc

rendre malade
It makes me sick to see him waste money like that.
the sick

ill people

les malades
He visits the sick.
worried sick

very worried

malade d’inquiétude
I’m worried sick about it.
see also ill.

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