Übersetzung von “side” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableside /saɪd/
one of the two parts of sth divided down the middle
côté masculine

The girls sat on one side and the boys on the other.
Les filles étaient assises d'un côté et les garçons de l'autre.

the left/right side of the page
le côté gauche/droit de la page
one of the surfaces sth has
côté masculine

a mark on the other side of the glass
une marque sur l'autre côté du verre

The entrance is on the side of the building.
L'entrée se trouve sur le côté de l'immeuble.
a flat or straight edge
côté masculine , face feminine

A triangle has three sides.
Un triangle a trois faces/côtés.
a place next to
côté masculine

He sat quietly at his mother's side.
Il était assis tranquillement à côté de sa mère.
side by side
next to each other
côte à côte

The bride and groom stood side by side.
Les jeunes mariés se tenaient debout côte à côte.
a group with the same opinion in an argument, fight, etc.
camp masculine , parti masculine

He fought on the side of the revolutionaries.
Il combattait dans le camp des révolutionnaires.
take sides/take sb's side
to support one person in an argument
prendre parti / prendre le parti de qqn

They're both friends of mine, so I'm not taking sides.
Ce sont tous les deux mes amis, aussi je ne prends pas parti.
an aspect of an activity, situation, or person's character
côté masculine , aspect masculine

the financial side of the business
l'aspect financier de l'affaire

a fun event that also has a serious side
un événement drôle qui a aussi un côté sérieux

a hard businessman with a sweet, caring side
un homme d'affaires dur qui a côté doux, bienveillant
a branch of your family
côté masculine

on his mother's/father's side
du côté de sa mère / son père
Brit a sports team
équipe feminine

Which side are you going to support?
Quelle équipe vas-tu supporter ?
Brit a TV channel
chaîne feminine

There's nothing interesting on this side.
Il n'y a rien d'intéressant sur cette chaîne.
from side to side
moving from left to right and back again
d'un côté et de l'autre

The carriage swayed from side to side.
Le carrosse balançait d'un côté à l'autre.
on the side
in addition to
en plus

I do this work to make a little money on the side.
Je fais ce travail pour gagner un peu d'argent en plus. / arrondir mes fins de mois.
on the ... side

She's a little on the plump side.
Elle est plutôt potelée.


adjectiveside /saɪd/
not at the front or in the center

the side entrance
l'entrée latérale
secondaire , accessoire

a side question
une question secondaire/accessoire


verb phrasal side: side with [ saɪd ]
to agree with one person in an argument, fight, etc.
prendre parti

The rebels sided with the former president.
Les rebelles ont pris parti pour l'ancien président.

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noun /said/

(the ground beside) an edge, border or boundary line

He walked round the side of the field
He lives on the same side of the street as me.

a surface of something

A cube has six sides.

one of the two of such surfaces which are not the top, bottom, front, or back

There is a label on the side of the box.

either surface of a piece of paper, cloth etc

Don’t waste paper – write on both sides!

the right or left part of the body

I’ve got a pain in my side.

a part or division of a town etc

He lives on the north side of the town.

a slope (of a hill)


a point of view; an aspect

aspect, point de vue
We must look at all sides of the problem.

a party, team etc which is opposing another

Whose side are you on?
Which side is winning?

(the ground etc beside) the edge of something

bord (de)
He walked along the dockside/quayside

having (a certain number or type of) sides

à (…) côtés
a four-sided figure.
sidelong adjective, adverb

from or to the side; not directly

(en) oblique, de côté
a sidelong glance
He glanced sidelong.
sideways adjective, adverb

to or towards one side

de côté
He moved sideways
a sideways movement.
sideburns noun plural

the usually short hair grown on the side of a man’s face in front of the ears.

side effect

an additional (often bad) effect of a drug etc

effet secondaire
These pills have unpleasant side effects.
sidelight noun

a light fixed to the side, or at the side of the front or back, of a car, boat etc

He switched his sidelights on when it began to get dark.
sideline noun

a business etc carried on outside one’s regular job or activity

travail complémentaire
He runs a mail-order business as a sideline.

the line marking one of the long edges of a football pitch etc.

ligne latérale
sidelines noun plural

the position or point of view of a person not actually taking part in a sport, argument etc

de l’extérieur
He threw in the occasional suggestion from the sidelines.
side road

a small, minor road.

petite route
sidestep verb (past tense, past participle sidestepped)

to step to one side

He sidestepped as his attacker tried to grab him.

to avoid

There’s a way to sidestep a problem.
side-street noun

a small, minor street

petite rue
The man ran down a side-street and disappeared.
sidetrack verb

to turn (a person) aside from what he was about to do

détourner l’attention de qqn
I intended to write letters this evening, but was sidetracked into going to the pictures instead.
sidewalk noun

(American) a pavement or footpath.

from all sides

from every direction

de tous côtés
People were running towards him from all sides.
on all sides

all around

de tous côtés
With enemies on all sides, we were trapped.
side by side

beside one another; close together

côte à côte
They walked along the street side by side.
side with

to give support to in an argument etc

prendre parti pour
Don’t side with him against us!
take sides

to choose to support a particular opinion, group etc against another

prendre parti
Everybody in the office took sides in the dispute.

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