Übersetzung von “sight” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounsight /saɪt/
uncountable the ability to see
vue feminine

He lost his sight in the accident.
Il a perdu la vue dans l'accident.
uncountable when you see sth or sb
vue feminine , spectacle masculine

the sight of swans on the moonlit lake
le spectacle des cygnes sur le lac éclairé par le clair de lune
at first sight
à première vue

For them, it was love at first sight.
Pour eux, ça a été le coup de foudre.
uncountable the view from the position you are in
vue feminine

as the parade came into sight
lorsque le défilé est apparu

She watched until he disappeared from sight.
Elle a regardé jusqu'à ce qu'il disparaisse.

The ship was within sight of land.
Le bateau était en vue de la terre.
countable sth or sb you can see
vue feminine , spectacle masculine

The sunset - what a beautiful sight that was.
Le coucher de soleil, quel superbe spectacle ça a été.

the shocking sights of war
le spectacle choquant de la guerre
the sights
plural interesting places and buildings in a city or area
les attractions feminine plural touristiques

tourists seeing the sights
des touristes visitant les attractions touristiques
lose sight of
to stop thinking about sth important
perdre de vue

We must not lose sight of our common goal.
Nous ne devons pas perdre de vue notre objectif commun.
set your sights on
to decide that you want to achieve sth
se fixer comme but de

He's set his sights on becoming a doctor.
Il s'est fixé comme but de devenir médecin.

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noun /sait/

the act or power of seeing

The blind man had lost his sight in the war.

the area within which things can be seen by someone

(en) vue
The boat was within sight of land
The end of our troubles is in sight.

something worth seeing

attraction touristique
She took her visitors to see the sights of London.

a view or glimpse

vision, aperçu
The mountain is a magnificent sight at sunset.

something seen that is unusual, ridiculous, shocking etc

quelque chose à voir!
She’s quite a sight in that hat.

(on a gun etc) an apparatus to guide the eye in taking aim

This rifle has a detachable sight.
sightseeing noun

visiting the chief buildings, places of interest etc of an area

tourisme; (adj.) touristique
They spent a lot of their holiday sightseeing in London
(also adjective) a sightseeing tour.
sightseer noun

catch sight of

to get a brief view of; to begin to see

He caught sight of her as she came round the corner.
lose sight of

to stop being able to see

perdre de vue
She lost sight of him in the crowd.



to look at (something) through the sight of a gun

He sighted his prey and pulled the trigger.

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