Übersetzung von “sign” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounsign /saɪn/
countable an indication that sth is happening, is true, etc.
signe masculine

There was no sign of rain.
Il n'y avait pas de signe de pluie.

a sign of his love for her
un signe de son amour pour elle
countable a notice with a name or information on it
panneau masculine , pancarte feminine

a road sign
un panneau de signalisation

Did you read the sign in the window?
Avez-vous lu la pancarte dans la vitrine ?
countable a signal
signe masculine

When you're ready to leave make a sign to me and we'll go.
Quand tu seras prêt à partir, fais-moi signe et nous partirons.
countable a written symbol
signe masculine , symbole masculine

What's the sign that means "multiply?"
Quel est le symbole qui signifie "multiplier" ?
countable a star sign
signe masculine (du zodiaque)

"What's your sign?" "I'm a Virgo."
"De quel signe es-tu ?" "Je suis Vierge."


verbsign /saɪn/
transitive-intransitive to write your name on sth to approve or show that you wrote it

He signed the letter "James Madison."
Il a signé la lettre "James Madison".

Sign the form and return it.
Signez le formulaire et retournez-le.

Where should I sign?
Où dois-je signer ?
transitive to officially accept a sports player or performer as a member of a team or company

to sign a player/artist
signer un joueur/artiste
transitive-intransitive to use sign language

I learned how to sign my name.
J'ai appris à signer mon nom.

sign for

verb phrasalsign for [ ˈsaɪn fɔr ]
to sign your name to show you have received sth
signer un reçu

Someone will have to sign for the package.
Quelqu'un va devoir signer le reçu pour le colis.

sign in

verb phrasalsign in [ ˈsaɪn ˈɪn ]
to sign your name when you enter a place
signer le registre

Please sign in at the front desk.
Veuillez signer le registre à la réception.

sign out

verb phrasalsign out [ ˈsaɪn ˈaʊt ]
to sign your name when you leave a place
signer le registre (en pertant)

Don't forget to sign out.
N'oubliez pas de signer le registre en partant.

sign over

verb phrasalsign over [ ˈsaɪn ˈoʊvər ]
to sign an official document to give control of sth you own to sb else
céder par écrit

I'm signing the business over to my son.
Je cède mon commerce par écrit à mon fils.

sign up

verb phrasalsign up [ ˈsaɪn ˈʌp ]
to state that you will do sth or join sth
s'engager à , s'inscrire

I signed up for summer school.
Je me suis inscrit à l'université d'été.

Sign up to give blood.
S'engager à donner son sang.
to recruit sb to a team

They hope to sign him up for next season.
Ils espèrent le signer pour la prochaine saison.

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noun /sain/

a mark used to mean something; a symbol

+ is the sign for addition.

a notice set up to give information (a shopkeeper’s name, the direction of a town etc) to the public

a road sign.

a movement (eg a nod, wave of the hand) used to mean or represent something

He made a sign to me to keep still.

a piece of evidence suggesting that something is present or about to come

There were no signs of life at the house and he was afraid they were away
Clouds are often a sign of rain.
signboard noun

a board with a notice

In the garden was a signboard which read ‘House for Sale’.
signpost noun

a post with a sign on it, showing the direction and distance of places

poteau indicateur
We saw a signpost which told us we were 80 kilometres from London.
sign in/out

to record one’s arrival or departure by writing one’s name

signer le registre
He signed in at the hotel when he arrived.
sign up

to join an organization or make an agreement to do something etc by writing one’s name

He signed up for the darts competition.

to engage for work by making a legal contract.

se faire embaucher (comme, en qualité de)



to write (one’s name) on a letter, document etc

He signed his name on the document.

to make a movement of the head, hand etc in order to show one’s meaning

faire signe (de)
She signed to me to say nothing.

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