Übersetzung von “silence” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounsilence /ˈsaɪləns/
uncountable when there is complete quiet
silence masculine

The silence in the school yard was strange.
Le silence dans la cour de l'école était étrange.
uncountable when sb does not talk
silence masculine

She maintained her silence throughout the day.
Elle est restée silencieuse toute la journée.
countable a short period when everyone is quiet as a sign of respect
silence masculine

a two minute silence to remember those who died
deux minues de silence en mémoire de ceux qui sont morts


verb transitivesilence /ˈsaɪləns/
to do sth to prevent sb from talking about sth
réduire au silence

They say the mafia silenced him.
Ils disent que la mafia l'ont réduit au silence.
to stop sb or sth from making any sound
faire taire

a plan to silence the dog
des dispositions pour faire taire le chien

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noun /ˈsailəns/

(a period of) absence of sound or of speech

A sudden silence followed his remark.

failure to mention, tell something etc

Your silence on this subject is disturbing.
silencer noun

a piece of equipment fitted to a gun, or (American muffler) in an engine, for making noise less

It is illegal to drive a motorbike without a silencer fitted to the exhaust.
silent /-t/ adjective

free from noise

The house was empty and silent.

not speaking

He was silent on that subject.

not making any noise

This lift is quite silent.
silently adverb

in silence

without saying anything

en silence
The children listened in silence to the story.

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