Übersetzung von “sing” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb intransitivesing /sɪŋ/ ( pt sang pp sung )
to use your voice to produce music

She loved to sing Broadway songs.
Elle adorait chanter des chansons de Broadway.

Sing us a song, Dave.
Chante-nous une chanson, Dave.
(of a bird) to produce sounds like music

At 5 a.m. the birds began to sing.
A 5 heures du matin les oiseaux se mettent à chanter.

sing along

verb phrasalsing along [ ˈsɪŋ əˌlɔŋ, əˈlɒŋ ]
to sing a song at the same time as someone else
chanter en chœur

Sing along, everyone!
Tout le monde chante en chœur !

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verb /siŋ/ (past tense sang /saŋ/, past participle sung /saŋ/)

to make (musical sounds) with one’s voice

He sings very well
She sang a Scottish song
I could hear the birds singing in the trees.
singer noun

a person who sings, eg as a profession

Are you a good singer?
He’s a trained singer.
singing noun

the art or activity of making musical sounds with one’s voice

(de) chant
Do you do much singing nowadays?
(also adjective) a singing lesson/teacher.
sing out

to shout or call out

appeler (en criant)
Sing out when you’re ready to go.

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