Die Übersetzung von "single" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


adjective /ˈsiŋɡl/

one only

seul, unique
The spider hung on a single thread.

for one person only

pour une personne
a single bed/mattress.


a single person.

for or in one direction only

aller simple
a single ticket/journey/fare.
singleness noun

singles noun plural

(also noun singular ) in tennis etc, a match or matches with only one player on each side

The men’s singles are being played this week
(also adjective) a singles match.

(especially American ) unmarried (usually young) people

a bar for singles
(also adjective) a singles holiday/club.
singly adverb

one by one; separately

They came all together, but they left singly.
single-breasted adjective

(of a coat, jacket etc) having only one row of buttons

a single-breasted tweed suit.
single-decker noun, adjective

(a bus etc) having only one deck or level

sans impériale
a single-decker (bus).
single-handed adjective, adverb

working etc by oneself, without help

tout seul
He runs the restaurant single-handed
single-handed efforts.
single parent noun

a mother or father who brings up a child or children on her or his own

a single-parent family.
single out

to choose or pick out for special treatment

He was singled out to receive special thanks for his help.

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