Übersetzung von “sink” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbsink /sɪŋk/ ( pt sank pp sunk )
transitive-intransitive to go or make go under the surface of a liquid and fall toward the bottom

The stone sank to the sandy bottom.
La pierre a coulé sur le fond sablonneux.

The final torpedo sank the ship.
La dernière torpille a coulé le bateau.
intransitive to go under the surface of sth soft

feet sinking into the mud
les pieds s'enfonçant dans la boue
intransitive (of a person) to move or fall slowly into a sitting or lying position
s'enfoncer , tomber

She sank back into the pillows.
Elle se laissa retomber dans les oreillers.

He sank to his knees, exhausted.
Il est tombé sur les genoux, épuisé.
intransitive to decrease in amount or level

The value of the dollar had sunk even lower.
La valeur du dollar avait chuté encore plus bas.
intransitive to move to a lower position

The sun was sinking behind the trees.
Le soleil descendait derrière les arbres.
be sunk
to have failed
être fichu/-ue

If we can't raise more money, we're sunk.
Si nous ne pouvons pas collecter plus d'argent, nous sommes fichus.
a/that sinking feeling
a feeling that sth bad is happening or will happen
un/ce sentiment angoissant

I had that sinking feeling when you realize something is missing.
J'avais ce sentiment angoissant qu'on éprouve quand on réalise qu'il manque quelque chose.
sink or swim
to be in a situation in which you will fail if you do not work hard
marche ou crève

This is the big game, where we'll either sink or swim.
C'est du sérieux, soit on marche ou on crève.
; see also heart

sink in

verb phrasalsink in [ ˈsɪŋk ˈɪn ]
to be realized or understood
se faire jour

The truth finally began to sink in - she wasn't coming home.
La vérité a commencé à se faire jour ; elle ne rentrait pas à la maison.

sink into

verb phrasalsink into [ ˈsɪŋk ˈɪntu, ˈɪntə ]
to go slowly into a worse state

She sank deeper into despair.
Elle sombrait plus profondément dans le désespoir.

families sinking deeper into debt
des familles croulant sous les dettes
to push sth sharp down into sth

He sunk his teeth into the juicy burger.
il enfonça ses dents dans le savoureux hamburger.
to put a large amount of money into sth

I sank a lot of money into that house.
J'ai englouti beaucoup d'argent dans cette maison.


noun countablesink /sɪŋk/
the open container that water falls into from a tap
évier masculine , lavabo masculine

the kitchen/bathroom sink
l'évier de la cuisine / le lavabo de la salle de bain

Put the glasses in the sink.
Mets les verres dans l'évier.

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verb /siŋk/ (past tense sank /saŋk/, past participle sunk /saŋk/)

to (cause to) go down below the surface of water etc

The ship sank in deep water.

to go down or become lower (slowly)

The sun sank slowly behind the hills
Her voice sank to a whisper.

to (cause to) go deeply (into something)

entrer (dans)
The ink sank into the paper
He sank his teeth into an apple.

(of one’s spirits etc) to become depressed or less hopeful

se démoraliser
My heart sinks when I think of the difficulties ahead.

to invest (money)

He sank all his savings in the business.
sunken adjective

sunk under water

a sunken ship.

below the level of the surrounding area

en contrebas
a sunken garden.
be sunk

to be defeated, in a hopeless position etc

être perdu
If he finds out that we’ve been disobeying him, we’re sunk.
sink in

to be fully understood

être compris
The news took a long time to sink in.

to be absorbed

être absorbé
The surface water on the paths will soon sink in.

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