Übersetzung von “size” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounsize /saɪz/
countable-uncountable how big or small sth is
taille feminine , grandeur feminine

Roses can be many different colors and sizes.
Les roses peuvent être de beaucoup de couleurs et de tailles différentes.

the size of the company's workforce
l'effectif du personnel de l'entreprise
countable one of the standard measurements used in clothes and shoes
taille feminine , pointure feminine

What size do you wear?
Quelle taille mets-tu ?

Do you have these shoes in a size ten?
Avez-vous ces chaussures dans la pointure 44 ?
uncountable the fact of being large
taille feminine , grosseur feminine

Look at the size of that watermelon!
Regardez la taille/grosseur de cette pastèque.


verb phrasalsize: size up /saɪz/
to study a situation or person carefully and form an opinion

I could see she was sizing me up.
Je voyais bien qu'elle me jaugeait.

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noun /saiz/


taille, dimension(s)
an area the size of a football pitch
The size of the problem alarmed us.

one of a number of classes in which shoes, dresses etc are grouped according to measurements

I take size 5 in shoes.
sizeable adjective

fairly large

His income is quite sizeable, now that he has been promoted.
size up

to form an opinion about a person, situation etc

He sized up the situation and acted immediately.

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