Übersetzung von “slack” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun uncountableslack [ slæk ]
looseness in a rope, strap, etc.
mou masculine

the slack in the reins
du mou dans les rênes / la bride sur le cou
take/pick up the slack
to do work that is not being done by sb else
prendre le relais

The railroads are taking up the slack where airlines have failed.
Les chemins de fer prennent le relais là où les compagnies aériennes ont manqué à leurs engagements.
cut sb slack
informal to not be too critical of sb
faciliter les choses à qqn

Cut him some slack - he's just a kid.
Facilite-le les choses, c'est juste un enfant.


adjectiveslack /slæk/
=loose; (of a rope, strap, etc.) not pulled tight

The fishing line went slack.
La ligne de pêche s'est détendue.
(of a business) not busy or making enough money

Sales are slack right now.
Les ventes sont faibles / ne marchent pas fort en ce moment.
not making enough of an effort

the team's slack performance last night
les faibles résultats de l'équipe hier soir


verb intransitiveslack [ slæk ] ( slack off )
to not work hard enough
relâcher ses efforts

You can't slack off during exams.
Tu ne peux pas relâcher tes efforts pendant les examens.

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adjective /slӕk/

loose; not firmly stretched

Leave the rope slack.

not firmly in position

He tightened a few slack screws.

not strict; careless

He is very slack about getting things done.

in industry etc, not busy; inactive

Business has been rather slack lately.
slacken verb

(sometimes with offor up)

to make or become looser

(se) relâcher
She felt his grip on her arm slacken.

to make or become less busy, less active or less fast

ralentir (son rythme)
The doctor told him to slacken up if he wanted to avoid a heart-attack.
slackly adverb

slackness noun

manque de tension
slacks noun plural

trousers, usually loose-fitting, worn informally by men or women

a pair of slacks.

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