Übersetzung von “slap” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitiveslap /slæp/ ( slapping, slapped )
to hit with a flat hand
gifler , donner une claque

She slapped him across the face.
Elle l'a giflé.
to hit with a sound like a slapping hand
(faire) claquer

The beaver slapped the water with his tail.
Le castor fit claquer sa queue sur l'eau.


noun countableslap /slæp/
a hard hit with your flat hand, or the sound it makes
gifle feminine , claque feminine

She gave him a slap on the face.
Elle lui donna une gifle.
a slap in the face
sth that suddenly makes you feel or realize sth unpleasant
une douche froide

Seeing her with her new boyfriend was a real slap in the face.
La voir avec son nouveau petit ami a été une véritable douche froide.

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noun /slӕp/

a blow with the palm of the hand or anything flat

The child got a slap from his mother for being rude.
slapdash adjective

careless and hurried

He does everything in such a slapdash manner.
slap-happy adjective

cheerfully careless; carefree

she cooks in a very slap-happy way.
slapstick noun

a kind of humour which depends for its effect on very simple practical jokes etc

(de) grosse farce
Throwing custard pies turns a play into slapstick
(also adjective) slapstick comedy.

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