Übersetzung von “slave” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableslave /sleɪv/
sb who is considered the property of another person and forced to work without pay
esclave masculine-feminine

white farmers who owned slaves
les fermiers blancs qui possédaient des esclaves


verb intransitiveslave [ sleɪv ]
to work very hard
travailler comme un forçat , informal trimer

workers slaving in the coal mines
des ouvriers travaillant comme des forçats / trimant dans les mines de charbon

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noun /sleiv/

a person who works for a master to whom he belongs

In the nineteenth century many Africans were sold as slaves in the United States.

a person who works very hard for someone else

He has a slave who types his letters and organizes his life for him.
slavery noun

the state of being a slave.


the system of ownership of slaves.


very hard and badly-paid work

Her job is sheer slavery.

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