Übersetzung von “sleep” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbsleep /slip/ ( pt pp slept )
intransitive to close your eyes and go into a deep state of rest, usually at night

The boy slept for 12 hours.
Le garçon a dormi pendant 12 heures.

to sleep well/badly
bien/mal dormir
sleep tight
spoken used to tell sb to sleep well
dors/dormez bien
transitive (of a house or room) to have beds for a particular number of people
pouvoir accueillir

The house sleeps eight comfortably.
La maison peut accueillir huit personnes. / On peut coucher huit personnes dans la maison.

sleep in

verb phrasalsleep in [ ˈslip ˈɪn ]
to sleep later than usual
faire la grasse matinée

We slept in until 10:00.
Nous avons fait la grasse matinée jusqu'à 10h.

sleep off

verb phrasalsleep off [ ˈslip ˈɔf, ˈɒf ]
to sleep until an illness goes away
dormir pour faire passer

Go to bed early and try to sleep it off.
Couche-toi tôt et tâche de le faire passer en dormant.

sleep on

verb phrasalsleep on [ ˈslip ˌɒn, ˌɔn ]
to wait for the next day before making a difficult decision
attendre que la nuit ait porté conseil

Sleep on it, and tell me what you want to do tomorrow.
Attends que la nuit t'ait porté conseil et tu me diras ce que tu veux demain.

sleep through

verb phrasalsleep through [ ˈslip ˈθru ]
to sleep even though there is a lot of noise
dormir sans se réveiller

The baby slept through the whole incident.
Le bébé a dormi sans se réveiller durant tout l'incident.

sleep together

verb phrasalsleep together [ ˈslip təˌgɛðər ]
(of two people) to have sex
coucher ensemble

We never slept together.
Nous n'avons jamais couché ensemble.

sleep with

verb phrasalsleep with [ ˈslip ˌwɪθ, ˌwɪð ]
to have sex with
coucher avec

Did you sleep with him?
Avez-vous couché avec lui ?


nounsleep /slip/
uncountable the state of being asleep
sommeil masculine

Try to get some sleep.
Essaie de dormir un peu.
go to sleep
to begin sleeping

It took me a long time to go to sleep.
Il m'a fallu longtemps pour m'endormir.
put sb to sleep
to make sb start sleeping

The class was so boring, it put me to sleep.
Le cours était tellement ennuyeux, il m'a endormi.
in your sleep
while you are sleeping
dans son sommeil

She talks in her sleep.
Elle parle dans son sommeil.
singular a time when sb is sleeping
sommeil masculine

a deep sleep
un profond sommeil

Get a good night's sleep and you'll feel better.
Passe une bonne nuit de sommeil et tu te sentiras mieux.
can/could do sth in your sleep
indicates sth is very easy for sb
peut/pourrait faire qqch les yeux fermés

I could take the test in my sleep.
Je pourrais passer l'épreuve les yeux fermés.
go to sleep
(of part of your body) to become numb because of lack of blood

My whole left leg went to sleep.
Toute ma jambe gauche était engourdie.
not lose sleep over
to not be worried or bothered about
ne pas empêcher de dormir

We lost one game - I'm not going to lose sleep over it.
Nous avons perdu un match ; ça ne va pas m'empêcher de dormir.
put sth to sleep
to kill an injured or dying animal with an injection of drugs

They had to put the dog to sleep.
Ils ont dû endormir le chien.

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verb /sliːp/ (past tense, past participle slept /slept/)

to rest with the eyes closed and in a state of natural unconsciousness

Goodnight – sleep well!
I can’t sleep – my mind is too active.
sleeper noun

a person who sleeps

Nothing occurred to disturb the sleepers.

a berth or compartment for sleeping, on a railway train

I’d like to book a sleeper on the London train.
sleepless adjective

without sleep

sans sommeil
He spent a sleepless night worrying about the situation.
sleepy adjective

inclined to sleep; drowsy

I feel very sleepy after that long walk.

not (seeming to be) alert

endormi, somnolent
She always has a sleepy expression.

(of places etc) very quiet; lacking entertainment and excitement

endormi, somnolent
a sleepy town.
sleepily adverb

d’un air/ton endormi
sleepiness noun

sleeping bag noun

a kind of large warm bag for sleeping in, used by campers etc.

sac de couchage
sleeping-pill / sleeping-tablet nouns

a kind of pill that can be taken to make one sleep

She tried to commit suicide by swallowing an overdose of sleeping-pills.
sleepwalk verb

to walk about while asleep

faire du somnabulisme
She was sleepwalking again last night.
sleepwalker noun

put to sleep

to cause (a person or animal) to become unconscious by means of an anaesthetic; to anaesthetize

The doctor will give you an injection to put you to sleep.

to kill (an animal) painlessly, usually by the injection of a drug

(faire) piquer
As she was so old and ill my cat had to be put to sleep.
sleep like a log/top

to sleep very well and soundly.

dormir à poings fermés
sleep off

to recover from (something) by sleeping

faire passer qqch. (en dormant)
She’s in bed sleeping off the effects of the party.
sleep on

to put off making a decision about (something) overnight

attendre le lendemain pour prendre une décision
I’ll sleep on it and let you know tomorrow.

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