Übersetzung von “slice” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countableslice /slaɪs/
a flat piece of food cut from a larger piece
tranche feminine

a slice of bread/cake/pie
une tranche de pain/gâteau/pâté en croûte

Cut the cheese into slices.
Coupez le fromage en tranches.
a share of sth
part feminine , partie feminine

companies wanting a slice of the Internet search market
des société voulant une partie du marché de la recherche sur Internet


verbslice /slaɪs/
transitive to cut into slices
trancher , couper en tranches

Slice the meat into thin strips.
Coupez la viande en tranches fines.
transitive-intransitive to cut with a quick stroke
trancher , couper

He accidentally sliced through one of the wires.
Il a coupé accidentellement l'in des fils électriques.

I sliced my finger open.
Je me suis ouvert le doigt.

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noun /slais/

a thin broad piece (of something)

How many slices of meat would you like?

a part or share

Who got the largest slice of the profits?
sliced adjective

(negative unsliced) cut into slices

(coupé) en tranches/rondelles
a sliced loaf.
slicer noun

couteau électrique
a cheese slicer.



to cut (as) with a sharp blade or knife

couper (net)
The blade slipped and sliced off the tip of his forefinger.

in golf etc, to hit (a ball) in such a way that it curves away to the right (or in the case of a left-handed player, to the left)

She sliced her shot and the ball went into the bunker.

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