Übersetzung von “slide” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbslide /slaɪd/ ( pt pp slid )
transitive-intransitive to move smoothly across a surface

The car was sliding across the icy road.
La voiture glissait sur la route verglacée.

She slid her finger across the cellphone screen.
Elle glissa son doigt sur l'écran du téléphone cellulaire.
intransitive to become worse

House prices slid to new lows.
Les prix de l'immobilier ont atteint des niveaux encore plus bas.
let sth/things slide
laisser qqch / les choses aller à la dérive

They've let the quality of their products slide.
Ils ont laissé la qualité de leurs produits aller à la dérive.
let it slide
spoken to decide not to punish
laisse/-ez couler

I'll let it slide this time, but don't do it again.
Je vais laisser couler pour cette fois mais ne le refais pas.


noun countableslide /slaɪd/
a sloping structure that children climb up and slide down
toboggan masculine

I want to go on the slide.
Je veux aller sur le toboggan.
a situation in which sth becomes worse
dérive feminine

the slide in employment numbers
la dérive dans les chiffres de l'emploi
a piece of film in a stiff frame that you shine a light through and view on a large screen
dapo(sitive) feminine

slides from their vacation
les diapos de leurs vacances
a thin piece of glass or plastic used for looking at things under a microscope
lame feminine

bacteria on the slide
les bactéries sur la lame

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verb /slaid/ (past tense, past participle slid /slid/)

to (cause to) move or pass along smoothly

(faire) glisser
He slid the drawer open
Children must not slide in the school corridors.

to move quietly or secretly

(se) glisser
I slid hurriedly past the window
He slid the book quickly out of sight under his pillow.
slide-rule noun

an instrument for calculating, like a ruler in shape and having a central section that slides up and down between the outer sections.

règle à calcul
sliding door

a type of door that slides across an opening rather than swinging on a hinge.

porte coulissante



a slippery track, or apparatus with a smooth sloping surface, on which people or things can slide

The children were taking turns on the slide in the playground.

a small transparent photograph for projecting on to a screen etc

The lecture was illustrated with slides.

a glass plate on which objects are placed to be examined under a microscope.

lame porte-objet

(also hair-slide) a (decorative) hinged fastening for the hair.


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