Übersetzung von “slim” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectiveslim /slɪm/ ( slimmer, slimmest )
thin in an attractive way

a slim young man
un jeune homme mince
very small
mince , faible

the candidate's slim lead in the polls
la faible avance du candidat dans les sondages
a slim chance/possibility/hope
une faible chance / une faible possibilité / un mince espoir

There's a slim chance we'll win.
Il y a une faible chance que nous gagnions.


verb phrasalslim: slim down /slɪm/ ( slimming, slimmed )
to lose weight

She's slimmed down a lot since last year.
Elle a beaucoup maigri depuis l'année dernière.

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adjective /slim/

not thick or fat; thin

She has a slim, graceful figure
Taking exercise is one way of keeping slim.

not good; slight

There’s still a slim chance that we’ll find the child alive.
slimming noun

the process or practice of trying to become slimmer

régime (amaigrissant)
Slimming should be done carefully.
slimness noun


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