Die Übersetzung von "slip" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


verb /slip/ (past tense, past participle slipped)

to slide accidentally and lose one’s balance or footing

I slipped and fell on the path.

to slide, or drop, out of the right position or out of control

glisser entre les doigts
The plate slipped out of my grasp.

to drop in standard

décliner, baisser
I’m sorry about my mistake – I must be slipping!

to move quietly especially without being noticed

sortir (sans être vu)
She slipped out of the room.

to escape from

se dégager de qqch.
The dog had slipped its lead and disappeared.

to put or pass (something) with a quick, light movement

She slipped the letter back in its envelope.
slipper noun

a loose, soft kind of shoe for wearing indoors

He was wearing a pair of bedroom slippers.
slippery adjective

so smooth as to cause slipping

The path is slippery – watch out!

not trustworthy

He’s rather a slippery character.
slipperiness noun

caractère glissant/fuyant
slip road

a road for joining or leaving a motorway.

bretelle d’accès
slipshod adjective

(of work etc) untidy; careless

The teacher told him his work was slipshod.
give (someone) the slip

to escape from or avoid (someone) in a secretive manner

fausser compagnie à
The crooks gave the policemen the slip.
let slip

to miss (an opportunity etc)

laisser passer
I let the chance slip, unfortunately.

to say (something) unintentionally

laisser échapper
She let slip some remark about my daughter.
slip into

to put on (clothes) quickly

She slipped into her nightdress.
slip off

to take (clothes) off quickly

Slip off your shoe.

to move away noiselessly or hurriedly

We’ll slip off when no-one’s looking.
slip on

to put on (clothes) quickly

He slipped on a suit and tie.
slip up (slip-up)

gaffer; gaffe

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