Übersetzung von “smear” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivesmear /smɪər/
to spread onto a surface
étaler , maculer , barbouiller

The baby smeared chocolate all over her face.
La petite fille s'est barbouillé le visage de chocolat.

Their white shirts were smeared with blood.
Leurs chemises blanches étaient maculées de sang.
to try to damage sb's reputation by saying unkind or untrue things
salir , diffamer

lies he told to smear his political enemies
les mensonges qu'il a dits pour salir ses ennemis politiques


noun countablesmear /smɪər/
a mark on the surface of sth
tache feminine

a smear of yellow paint
une tache de peinture jaune
an attempt to smear sb's reputation
diffamation feminine

smear tactics
des procédés diffamatoires

a smear campaign
une campagne de diffamation

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verb /smiə/

to spread (something sticky or oily) over a surface

The little boy smeared jam on the chair.

to make or become blurred; to smudge

He brushed against the newly painted notice and smeared the lettering.

to try to discredit (a person etc) by slandering him

porter atteinte à (la réputation)
He has been spreading false stories in an attempt to smear us.



a piece of slander

He considered the remarks to be a smear on his character.

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