Übersetzung von “smell” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounsmell /smɛl/
countable the quality of sth that your nose perceives
odeur feminine

I don't like the smell of fish.
Je n'aime pas l'odeur du poisson.

an herb with a fantastic smell
une herbe qui a une odeur fantastique
uncountable the natural ability to smell
odorat masculine

a highly developed sense of smell
un sens de l'odorat extrêmement développé
countable Brit an occasion when you smell sth
fait masculine de sentir

Have a smell of this.
Sens ceci.


verbsmell /smɛl/ ( Brit pt pp smelt )
(linking v) to have a smell
sentir , avoir une odeur

The room smelled damp.
La pièce sentait l'humidité.

They smelled like they had been smoking.
Ils sentaient la cigarette.

a cheese that smells of old socks
un fromage qui a une odeur de vieilles chaussettes
transitive to notice the smell of sth through your nose

I was sure I could smell smoke.
J'étais sûr de sentir de la fumée.

Did you smell his aftershave?
Est-ce que tu a senti son après-rasage ?
intransitive =stink; to have an unpleasant smell
sentir mauvais

His bedroom really smells.
Sa chambre sent vraiment mauvais.

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noun /smel/

the sense or power of being aware of things through one’s nose

My sister never had a good sense of smell.

the quality that is noticed by using this power

a pleasant smell
There’s a strong smell of gas.

an act of using this power

Have a smell of this!

having a (particular kind of) smell

d’une odeur (…)
a nasty-smelling liquid
sweet-smelling roses.
smelly adjective

having a bad smell

smelly fish.
smelliness noun

mauvaise odeur
smell out

to find (as if) by smelling

découvrir (en flairant)
We buried the dog’s bone, but he smelt it out again.


verb (past tense, past participles smelled, smelt /smelt/)

to give off a smell

The roses smelt beautiful
Her hands smelt of fish.

to examine by using the sense of smell

Let me smell those flowers.

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