Übersetzung von “smooth” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivesmooth /smuð/
≠rough; having a soft, even surface
lisse , doux/douce

Her skin is so smooth.
Elle a la peau si douce.

smooth new pavement on the road
la nouvelle chaussée lisse sur la route
≠bumpy, rough; with a steady flowing motion

a smooth crossing on the ferry
une traversée paisible en ferry
using words in a confident and persuasive way

He's a smooth talker.
C'est un beau parleur.
without problems or difficulty
en douceur

a smooth transition to the next phase of the project
une transition en douceur vers la phase suivante du projet


adverbsmoothly /ˈsmuʃli/
en douceur , doucement

The business is now running smoothly.
L'affaire marche bien maintenant.

Traffic was moving smoothly.
La circulation était fluide.

Try to move your arms more smoothly.
Essaie de bouger les bras plus doucement.

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adjective /smuːð/

having an even surface; not rough

Her skin is as smooth as satin.

without lumps

Mix the ingredients to a smooth paste.

(of movement) without breaks, stops or jolts

Did you have a smooth flight from New York?

without problems or difficulties

sans problèmes/histoires
a smooth journey
His progress towards promotion was smooth and rapid.

(too) agreeable and pleasant in manner etc

I don’t trust those smooth salesmen.
smoothen verb

to make smooth

Use this cream to smoothen your hands.
smoothly adverb

en douceur
The plane landed smoothly
The meeting went very smoothly.
smoothness noun

égalité; douceur



(with intoor over)

faire pénétrer en massant
to rub (a liquid substance etc) gently over (a surface): Smooth the moisturizing cream into/over your face and neck.

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