Übersetzung von “smuggle” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verb transitivesmuggle /ˈsmʌgəl/
to take illegally across a border
faire de la contrebande / du trafic , faire passer en fraude / clandestinement

He was arrested for smuggling drugs into the country.
Il a été arrêté pour avoir introduit clandestinement de la drogue dans le pays.


noun countablesmuggler /ˈsmʌglər/
sb who smuggles
contrebandier/-ière masculine-feminine , trafiquant masculine

arms smugglers
des trafiquants d'armes


noun uncountablesmuggling /ˈsmʌglɪŋ/
contrebande feminine , trafic masculine

the history of smuggling along the south coast of England
l'histoire de la contrebande le long de la côte sud de l'Angleterre

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verb /ˈsmaɡl/

to bring (goods) into, or send them out from, a country illegally, or without paying duty

faire de la contrebande
He was caught smuggling (several thousand cigarettes through the Customs).

to send or take secretly

faire entrer/sortir clandestinement
I smuggled some food out of the kitchen.
smuggler noun

a person who smuggles

a drug smuggler.
smuggling noun

contrebande (de)
the laws against smuggling

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