Übersetzung von “snap” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbsnap /snæp/ ( snapping, snapped )
transitive-intransitive to break with a loud, quick, dry sound
(se) casser (avec un bruit sec)

I snapped the pencil in half.
J'ai cassé le crayon en deux.

The branch snapped, and she fell to the ground.
La branche s'est cassée avec un bruit sec et elle est tombée par terre.
transitive-intransitive to move with a loud, quick noise into a particular position
ouvrir/fermer etc. avec un bruit sec / en claquant

He snapped open the lid.
Il ouvrit le couvercle avec un bruit sec.

The window snapped shut.
La fenêtre s'est fermée en claquant.
transitive-intransitive to suddenly speak to sb in an angry, impatient way
dire d'un ton hargneux , informal rembarrer

"Leave me alone," she snapped.
"Laisse-moi tranquille." dit-elle d'un ton hargneux.

Why are you snapping at everyone?
Pourquoi est-ce que tu rembarres tout le monde ?
intransitive to suddenly lose control of your emotions

She finally snapped and started sobbing.
Elle a finalement craqué et s'est mise à sangloter.
intransitive (of an animal) to try to bite
essayer de mordre

a little dog that was barking and snapping
un petit chien qui aboyait et essayait de mordre
snap your fingers
to make a loud noise by moving your middle finger and thumb against each other
claquer des doigts

She snaps her fingers and the dog lies down.
Elle claque des doigts et le chien se couche.
snap out of it
informal to stop yourself from being unhappy or upset
s'en sortir , se secouer

You have to snap out of it - you can't sit around all day.
Tu dois te secouer ; tu ne peux pas rester assis à ne rien faire toute la journée.


nounsnap /snæp/
singular the sound when sth snaps
bruit masculine sec

The dry twig broke with a snap.
La brindille sèche s'est cassée dans un bruit sec.
cold snap
a short period of cold weather
vague feminine de froid

frost damage to plants during the cold snap
les dégâts causés aux plantes par le gel durant la vague de froid
Brit informal photograph
photo(graphie) feminine

holiday snaps
photos de vacances


adjectivesnap /snæp/
done very quickly

a snap decision
une décision subite

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verb /snӕp/ (past tense, past participle snapped)

(with at) to make a biting movement, to try to grasp with the teeth

essayer de mordre
The dog snapped at his ankles.

to break with a sudden sharp noise

(se) casser net (avec un bruit sec)
He snapped the stick in half
The handle of the cup snapped off.

to (cause to) make a sudden sharp noise, in moving etc

(se) fermer d’un coup sec
The lid snapped shut.

to speak in a sharp especially angry way

dire d’un ton brusque
‘Mind your own business!’ he snapped.

to take a photograph of

prendre (en photo)
He snapped the children playing in the garden.
snappy adjective

irritable; inclined to snap

He is always rather snappy on a Monday morning.

quick; prompt

You’ll have to be snappy if you’re catching that bus!


He’s certainly a snappy dresser.
snappily adverb

d’un ton hargneux
snappiness noun

snapshot noun

a photograph taken quickly and without a lot of equipment

photo (d’amateur)
That’s a good snapshot of the children playing in the garden.
snap one’s fingers

to make a sharp noise by moving the thumb quickly across the top joint of the middle finger, as an informal gesture eg to attract someone’s attention, mark the rhythm in music etc

faire claquer ses doigts
She just had to snap her fingers and a servant would come running up to her.
snap up

to grab eagerly

sauter sur
I saw this bargain in the shop and snapped it up straight away
The bargains were snapped up.



a photograph; a snapshot

photo (d’amateur)
He wanted to show us his holiday snaps.

a kind of simple card game

(sorte de) jeu de bataille
They were playing snap.

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