Übersetzung von “sophisticated” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


adjectivesophisticated /səˈfɪstɪˌkeɪtɪd/
knowledgeable and well-educated about the world, culture, etc.

a sophisticated woman
une femme sophistiquée

Her writing is very sophisticated for a nine year-old.
Son écriture est très élaborée pour une enfant de neuf ans.
advanced and often complex
sophistiqué/-ée , complexe

a sophisticated food-labeling system
un système d'étiquetage des aliments sophistiqué/complexe


noun uncountablesophistication /səˌfɪstɪˈkeɪʃən/
sophistication feminine , complexité feminine

elegance and sophistication
élégance et sophistication

the increasing sophistication of computer programs
la complexité croissante des programmes informatiques

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adjective /səˈfistikeitid/

(negative unsophisticated)

(of a person) having a great deal of experience and worldly wisdom, knowledge of how to dress elegantly etc

élégant, raffiné
a sophisticated young man
She has become very sophisticated since she went to live in London.

suitable for, or typical of, sophisticated people

subtil, recherché
The joke was too sophisticated for the child to understand
sophisticated clothes/hairstyles.

(of machines, processes etc) highly-developed, elaborate and produced with a high degree of skill and knowledge

sophisticated photographic techniques.
sophistication noun

raffinement; complexité

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