Übersetzung von “sort” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


noun countablesort /sɔrt/
Brit type
sorte feminine , genre masculine

What sort of dog have you got?
Quel genre de chien as-tu ?
all sorts of
many different kinds of
toutes sortes feminine plural de

There were all sorts of people in the group.
Il y avait toutes sortes de gens dans le groupe.
of sorts
indicates sth is not exactly how it should be
en quelque sorte

It was an apology of sorts, but you could tell she didn't care.
C'étaient des excuses en quelque sorte mais on pouvait dire qu'elle s'en fichait.
sort of
spoken=kind of; approximately, roughly
plutôt (adv) , en quelque sorte

It's sort of round and has two handles.
C'est plutôt rond et ça a deux anses.

"Did you understand it?" "Sort of."
"Est-ce que tu l'as compris ?" "En quelque sorte."


verb transitivesort /sɔrt/
to arrange into groups or categories
classer , trier , ranger

The books have been sorted alphabetically.
Les livres ont été classés par ordre alphabétique.

We could sort the cards by color or suit.
Nous pourrions trier les cartes par coloris ou par couleur.

I've sorted my clothes into several bags.
J'ai rangé mes vêtements dans plusieurs sacs.

sort out

verb phrasalsort out /ˈsɔrt ˈaʊt/ Brit
figure out

Have you sorted out who's going to sleep where yet?
As-tu déjà établi qui dormira où ?
; see also figure out

sort through

verb phrasalsort through /ˈsɔrt ˌθru/
to look at things in order to decide sth or find sth out

detectives sorting through the rubble for clues
des enquêteurs examinant les décombres à la recherche d'indices

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noun /soːt/

a class, type or kind

I like all sorts of books
She was wearing a sort of crown.
sorter noun

a person or machine that separates and arranges, especially letters, postcards etc.

trieur, trieuse
of a sort / of sorts

of a (usually poor) kind

She threw together a meal of sorts, but we were still hungry afterwards.
out of sorts

slightly unwell

pas dans son assiette
I felt a bit out of sorts after last night’s heavy meal.

not in good spirits or temper

de mauvaise humeur
He’s been a little out of sorts since they told him to stay at home.
sort of

rather; in a way; to a certain extent

He was sort of peculiar!
I feel sort of worried about him.
sort out

to separate (one lot or type of) things from a general mixture

I’ll try to sort out some books that he might like.

to correct, improve, solve etc

mettre de l’ordre (dans)
You must sort out your business affairs.

to attend to, usually by punishing or reprimanding

régler son compte à
I’ll soon sort you out, you evil little man!

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