Übersetzung von “soul” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounsoul /soʊl/
countable sb's consciousness or ability to feel emotions
âme feminine , sentiment masculine

a cold-blooded murderer with no soul
un meurtrier de sang-froid qui n'a pas de sentiment

a story that touched her soul
une histoire qui a touché son âme
countable sb's spirit as opposed to their body
âme feminine

Do people have souls that live on after they die?
Les gens ont-ils des âmes qui continuent à vivre après qu'ils sont morts ?
countable a person
âme feminine , personne feminine

She's a gentle soul.
C'est une bonne âme.

There was not a soul out that night.
Il n'y avait personne dehors cette nuit-là.
uncountable ( soul music ) strongly emotional popular song style
musique feminine soul

She sings jazz and soul.
Elle chante du jazz et de la musique soul.

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noun /səul/

the spirit; the non-physical part of a person, which is often thought to continue in existence after he or she dies

People often discuss whether animals and plants have souls.

a person

She’s a wonderful old soul.

(of an enterprise etc) the organizer or leader

He is the soul of the whole movement.

soul music

soul music
Her music mixes elements of soul and jazz.
soulful adjective

full of (usually sad, wistful etc) feeling

a soulful expression.
soulfully adverb

de manière sentimentale
soulless adjective

(of a person) without fine feeling or nobleness.

sans âme

(of life, a task etc) dull or very unimportant.

terre à terre
soul-destroying adjective

(of a task etc) very dull, boring, repetitive etc

Working on a production line can be soul-destroying work.
soul music (also soul)

a type of music, descended from American Negro gospel songs, which has great emotion.

musique soul

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