Übersetzung von “sound” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounsound /saʊnd/
countable sth you hear
bruit masculine

the sound of her breathing
le bruit de sa respiration

Sit there and don't make a sound.
Assieds-toi là et ne fais pas de bruit.
uncountable the volume of a TV, radio, etc.
son masculine

Turn the sound up/down.
Monte/baisse le son.


linking vsound /saʊnd/
to seem to be a particular way
sembler , paraître

It sounds like you had a great time.
On dirait que vous vous êtes bien amusés.

He sounds like a nasty person.
Il semble être quelqu'un de méchant.

It sounds as though the program is only for adults.
Il semblerait que cette émission soit réservée aux adultes.
sound good/terrible/boring/excellent etc.
avoir l'air bon/bonne/ nul/nulle / ennuyeux/-euse / excellent/-ente etc.

His new movie sounds really boring.
Son dernier film a l'air vraiment ennuyeux.
to have a feeling, emotion, etc. in your voice
avoir l'air (d'après sa voix)

You sound terrible. Are you sure you're OK?
A ta voix, ça na pas l'air d'aller. Es-tu sûr que ça va ?


adjectivesound /saʊnd/
reliable and likely to be safe or useful
sûr/sûre , solide

a sound investment
un investissement sûr

sound advice
bon conseil

Is the building sound?
L'immeuble est-il solide ?
(of sleep) deep

You need a good, sound sleep.
Tu as besoin de bien dormir.


adverbsound /saʊnd/
sound asleep
completely asleep and not likely to wake up
profondément endormi/-ie

The children were sound asleep.
Les enfants étaient profondément endormis.

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adjective /saund/

strong or in good condition

solide, sain
The foundations of the house are not very sound
He’s 87, but he’s still sound in mind and body.

(of sleep) deep

profond (sommeil)
She’s a very sound sleeper.

full; thorough

a sound basic training.

accurate; free from mistakes

bon, solide
a sound piece of work.

having or showing good judgement or good sense

His advice is always very sound.
soundly adverb

soundness noun

sound asleep

sleeping deeply

profondément endormi
The baby is sound asleep.



the impressions transmitted to the brain by the sense of hearing

son; sonore
a barrage of sound
(also adjective) sound waves.

something that is, or can be, heard

The sounds were coming from the garage.

the impression created in the mind by a piece of news, a description etc

I didn’t like the sound of her hairstyle at all!
soundless adjective

soundlessly adverb

sans bruit
sound effects

sounds other than dialogue or music, used in films, radio etc

He works in the sound effects department of a film studio.
soundproof adjective

not allowing sound to pass in, out, or through

The walls are soundproof.
sound-track noun

(a recording of) the music from a film

bande sonore
I’ve just bought the sound-track of that new film.



to signal (something) by making a sound

Sound the alarm!

(of something heard or read) to make a particular impression; to seem; to appear

bien sonner à l’oreille; avoir l’air (d’être)
Your singing sounded very good
That sounds like a train.

to pronounce

In the word ‘pneumonia’, the letter p is not sounded.

to examine by tapping and listening carefully

She sounded the patient’s chest.


verb /saund/

to measure the depth of (water etc).

sounding noun

(a) measurement of depth of water etc.


a depth measured.


(an) act of trying to find out views etc.

sound out

to try to find out someone’s thoughts and plans etc

sonder (qqn sur qqch.)
Will you sound out your father on this?

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