Die Übersetzung von "sound" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch



the impressions transmitted to the brain by the sense of hearing

son; sonore
a barrage of sound
(also adjective) sound waves.

something that is, or can be, heard

The sounds were coming from the garage.

the impression created in the mind by a piece of news, a description etc

I didn’t like the sound of her hairstyle at all!
soundless adjective

soundlessly adverb

sans bruit
sound effects

sounds other than dialogue or music, used in films, radio etc

He works in the sound effects department of a film studio.
soundproof adjective

not allowing sound to pass in, out, or through

The walls are soundproof.
sound-track noun

(a recording of) the music from a film

bande sonore
I’ve just bought the sound-track of that new film.

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