Übersetzung von “speak” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbspeak /spik/ ( pt spoke pp spoken )
intransitive to talk

I'd like to speak to you for a minute.
J'aimerais te parler une minute.

We spoke about our plans.
Nous avons parlé de nos projets.

Have you spoken with anyone about this?
As-tu parlé de ça à qui que ce soit ?

They spoke of the fear they had felt.
Ils ont parlé de la peur qu'ils avaient ressentie.
intransitive to use your voice to say sth

I was too upset to speak.
J'étais trop bouleversé pour parler.
transitive to have the ability to talk a particular language

Sophie speaks French, English and Swedish.
Sophie parle français, anglais et suédois.
broadly/generally speaking
in general
en règle générale

Generally speaking, I don't like scary movies.
En règle générale, je n'aime pas les films qui font peur.
so to speak
spoken indicates you have exaggerated or expressed sth in unusual terms
pour ainsi dire

They were "business partners," so to speak.
Ils étaient pour ainsi dire "assoociés".

speak out

verb phrasalspeak out [ ˈspik ˈaʊt ]
to publicly state an opinion for or against
parler en faveur de , s'élever contre

animal rights activists speaking out against whaling
des activstes qui défendent les droits des animaux s'élevant contre la pêche à la baleine

speak up

verb phrasalspeak up [ ˈspik ˈʌp ]
to speak in a louder voice
parler plus fort

You'll have to speak up, I'm slightly deaf.
Vous allez devoir parler plus fort, je suis un peu sourd.
to state your opinion
élever sa voix

Many of his friends spoke up to defend him.
De nombreux amis à lui ont élevé leurs voix pour le défendre.

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verb /spiːk/ (past tense spoke /spouk/, past participle spoken /ˈspoukən/)

to say (words) or talk

He can’t speak
He spoke a few words to us.

(often with toor (American ) with) to talk or converse

parler (à, avec)
Can I speak to/with you for a moment?
We spoke for hours about it.

to (be able to) talk in (a language)

She speaks Russian.

to tell or make known (one’s thoughts, the truth etc)

I always speak my mind.

to make a speech, address an audience

parler (de)
The Prime Minister spoke on unemployment.
speaker noun

a person who is or was speaking

The speaker was interrupted by hecklers in the crowd.

(sometimes loudspeaker) the device in a radio, record-player etc which converts the electrical impulses into audible sounds

Our record-player needs a new speaker.
speaking adjective

involving speech

a speaking part in a play.

used in speech

agréable à entendre
a pleasant speaking voice.
spoken adjective

produced by speaking

the spoken word.

speaking in a particular way

à la parole (…)
generally speaking

in general

en général
Generally speaking, men are stronger than women.
speak for itself/themselves

to have an obvious meaning; not to need explaining

se passer de commentaires
The facts speak for themselves.
speak out

to say boldly what one thinks

parler franchement
I feel the time has come to speak out.
speak up

to speak (more) loudly

parler (plus) fort
Speak up! We can’t hear you!
to speak of

worth mentioning

pour ainsi dire
He has no talent to speak of.

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