Die Übersetzung von "special" - Englisch-Französisch Wörterbuch


adjective /ˈspeʃəl/

out of the ordinary; unusual or exceptional

spécial, exceptionnel
a special occasion
a special friend.

appointed, arranged, designed etc for a particular purpose

a special messenger
a special tool for drilling holes.
specialist noun

a person who makes a very deep study of one branch of a subject or field

Dr Brown is a heart specialist.
speciality /speʃiˈəti/ noun (plurals specialities, specialties) (American specialty /ˈspeʃəlti/)

a special product for which one is well-known

Brown bread is this baker’s speciality.

a special activity, or subject about which one has special knowledge

His speciality is physics.
specialize verb ( specialise)

(usually with in) go give one’s attention (to), work (in), or study (a particular job, subject etc)

se spécialiser, être spécialisé (dans, en)
He specializes in fixing computers.
specialization noun ( specialisation)

specialized adjective ( specialised)

(of knowledge, skills etc) of the accurate detailed kind obtained by specializing

You need specialized knowledge and training to do this job.
specially adverb

with one particular purpose

I picked these flowers specially for you
a splendid cake, specially made for the occasion.

particularly; exceptionally

He’s a nice child, but not specially clever.

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