Übersetzung von “speed” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


nounspeed /spid/
countable-uncountable the pace or rate of movement
vitesse feminine

a maximum speed of 70 miles per hour
un vitesse maximale de 110 kilomètres-heure

wind speed
la vitesse du vent
uncountable informal an illegal drug
speed masculine , amphétamines feminine plural

to be on speed
prendre des amphétamines


verbspeed /spid/ ( pt pp sped or speeded )
intransitive to drive a vehicle faster than is permitted by law
faire un excès de vitesse

Many accidents occur as a result of people speeding.
De nombreux accidents se produisent du fait que les gens font des excès de vitesse.
transitive to increase the speed with which sth happens

research intended to speed the development of new vaccines
la recherche visant à accélérer le développement de nouveaux vaccins
intransitive to move somewhere very quickly
se précipiter

She sped down the hall.
Elle se précipita dans l'entrée.

speed up

verb phrasalspeed up [ ˈspid ˈʌp ]
to happen or make happen more quickly
accélérer , se dépêcher

Come on, speed up or you'll never get it finished in time.
Allons, dépêche-toi ou tu n'auras jamais terminé à temps.

If we all help that'll speed things up a little.
Si nous donnons tous un coup de main, cela accélèrera un peu les choses.

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noun /spiːd/

rate of moving

a slow speed
The car was travelling at high speed.

quickness of moving

speed of movement.
speeding noun

driving at (an illegally) high speed

excès de vitesse
He was fined for speeding.
speedy adjective

done, carried out etc quickly

a speedy answer.
speedily adverb

speediness noun

speed bump noun

a raised part across the road to make drivers slow down.

speed trap noun

a device used by the police to catch drivers exceeding the speed limit.

radar de police
speedometer /spiːˈdomitə/ noun

an instrument on a car etc showing how fast one is travelling.

indicateur de vitesse
speed up (past tense, past participle speeded)

to increase speed

The car speeded up as it left the town.

to quicken the rate of

We are trying to speed up production.



(past tense, past participle speeded) to drive very fast in a car etc, faster than is allowed by law

faire un excès de vitesse
The policeman said that I had been speeding.

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