Übersetzung von “spell” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbspell /spɛl/ ( Brit pt pp spelt )
transitive-intransitive to choose or be the letters needed to make a word
écrire , orthographier , épeler

How do you spell your name?
Comment votre nom s'écrit-il/orthographie-t-il ?

I've never been able to spell.
Je n'ai jamais été capable d'écrire sans faire de fautes (d'orthographe).
transitive to be an indication or sign

a recent polls that spells trouble for the current president
un récent scrutin qui annonce des problèmes pour le président actuel


noun countablespell /spɛl/
a short period of time
brève période feminine

He spent a short spell in France before college.
Il a passé une brève période en France avant l'université.
magic words said to make sth happen
sort masculine

The witch cast a spell on him.
La sorcière lui a jeté un sort.

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verb /spel/ (past tense, past participle spelt /-t/, spelled)

to name or give in order the letters of (a word)

I asked him to spell his name for me.

(of letters) to form (a word)

C-a-t spells ‘cat’.

to (be able to) spell words correctly

savoir l’orthographe
I can’t spell!

to mean or amount to

signifier, mener à
This spells disaster.
speller noun

a computer program that corrects spelling mistakes.

correcteur d’orthographe

someone who is good or bad at spelling

personne bonne ou mauvaise en orthographe
She is a good speller.

(American) a book for teaching spelling.

manuel d’orthographe
spelling noun

Her spelling is terrible
(also adjective) The teacher gave the children a spelling lesson/test.


noun /spel/

a set or words which, when spoken, is supposed to have magical power

formule magique
The witch recited a spell and turned herself into a swan.

a strong influence

He was completely under her spell.


noun /spel/

a turn (at work)

tour (de travail)
Shortly afterwards I did another spell at the machine.

a period of time during which something lasts

a spell of bad health.

a short time

certain temps
We stayed in the country for a spell and then came home.

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