Übersetzung von “spill” — Englisch–Französisch Wörterbuch


verbspill /spɪl/ ( Brit pt pp spilt )
transitive-intransitive to accidentally let liquid out of a container, or to come out of a container accidentally
(se) renverser , (se) répandre , (se) déverser

He spilled his coffee on the table.
Il a renversé son café sur la table.

The wine spilled all over me.
le vin s'est répandu partout sur moi.

chemicals spilling out into the water supply
des produits chimiques se déversant dans l'alimentation en eau
intransitive ( spill out,) (of a large number of people) to come out of a building at the same time
se déverser

Theater goers spilled out into the street.
Le public du théâtre se déversant dans la rue.


noun countable
the act of spilling sth
déversement masculine accidentel

She got a towel to clean up the spill.
Elle a pris une serviette pour nettoyer ce qui avait été renversé.

an oil spill in the bay
un déversement accidentel de pétrole dans la baie

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verb /spil/ (past tense, past participle spilt /-t/, spilled)

to (cause something to) fall or run out (usually accidentally)

(se) renverser/répandre
He spilt milk on the floor
Vegetables spilled out of the burst bag.
spill the beans

to give away a secret

vendre la mèche
By Monday it was evident that someone had spilled the beans to the newspapers.

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